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   After having worked with wheelchairs for many years, and seeing how things are done, my overwhelming impression of the industry is that they couldnt care (scottish slang "couldnaecare") its probably like most if not every industry...all they seem to be in it for is 3 things. money, money, money, I have decided to pass on my experience and allow others to pass on theirs, I have asked a few people off and online about the concept and most have been favourable, from manufacturers to repairmen, contractors to suppliers, they all have the same overwhelming impression, and that is that they couldnaecare,
 How many times have you tried to get a wheelchair repaired and thought that you were over charged, had wrong parts replaced, got shoddy workmanship, etc etc, If its happened to you let us all know about it, post it in the forum, name and shame them, then maybe good service will become the norm rather than wishful thinking.
This site is about all of them, Manufacturers, repairmen, contractors, suppliers and anyone else i may have missed out,

Wheelchairs - The problems you may not know about

When you first get your new wheelchair, what is it you went for? nice colour? nice style? lightweight? when buying for a child do you let them pick it?. the problem here is how practical is it really? here are a few tips to take into account.

Are the Push handles too low or too high?
- this causes postural difficulties for who ever is pushing and may cause problems when trying to manoeuver up kerbs or doorways.

Is the backrest too low? - well this can lead to poor posture and poor trunk support.

Armrest height too low? - This also leads to poor posture, fatigue, may also affect balance and also might affect respiration.

Armrest height too high? - will affect propulsion as you wont be able to fully grip handrims, also causing the shoulders to be pushed up leading to fatigue and poor head posture, with extra pressure on the elbows a possibility.

Seat width too narrow? - Weight distribution will be over a smaller area leading to discomfort and possibly pressure sores, also will impede when transferring.

Seat width too wide? - will cause seating instabilities which could lead to postural deformities, will lead to propulsion difficulties or even just being too wide to get through doors.

Seat height too low? - may lead to Insufficient weight distribution causing excessive pressure on the buttocks, overflexing of the hips and knees, and difficulties in transfering in or out of the chair.

Seat height to high? - Knees will be obstructed and user may beunable to utilize tables or could also be difficult to propel may also make transfering difficult.
Feet may not reach the footplates - if they are unsupported, deformity and/ or pressure problems could result.

Seat depth too short?
-will cause insufficient weight distribution along thighs and buttocks. also excessive pressure over the ischial areas. with a change in the centre of gravity. User are more easily pitched out of the chair.

Seat depth too long?
- will cause restricted circulation and cause skin irritation in the popliteal area.

Cushions? - When Measuring an individual for a wheelchair. There are few wheelchair users who should not use a cushion. Appropriately prescribed, it aids comfort and prevents pressure problems.

Footrests too Low? - could cause pressure under thighs. Footrests may drag and/or catch on a kerb, the chair could tip forward. the user's feet may drag if unsupported.and could cause Poor posture.

Footrest too high? -Hips and knees could become overflexed which could lead to deformity. and cause increased pressure on pelvis/ sacrum.

Are the cheap imported wheelchairs worth the money?

  Has anyone come across the wheelchairs that are being imported from China? many "manufacturers" now claiming them as ther own, they stick their badges on them, call them by some fancy name, then relieve you of £100 - £200 pound, and sometimes giving them away as "free" when you buy a power pack or a scalamobile. Heres the catch, leave them out in the rain and your guarenteed its going to be covered in rust, I saw one the other day that was pulling to the left on close inspection it was the 22" wheel (wheel sizes are excluding tyres) it had a pronounced flatspot and at that part of the wheel the brake didnt even work......... they said the same about Japanese cars a few years ago though, i guess the big boys better watch out.

Has the disposable wheelchair arrived?

esteemself propelled   Has the throw away wheelchair arrived? with the price of repairs getting higher and the price of a new chair falling, is it has now reached the stage where its cheaper to buy new than to get a repair done? with it possible now to get a wheelchair for under £80 abeit a pretty rubbish one, and to get the Esteem steel self propelled (pictured left) for under £100, a decent chair if a little heavy, what happens 6 months down the line? the castors need replaced, new tyres (puncture proof) and seat canvas is torn, to get someone out to replace these things including parts is very close to the price of the chair , what do you do? replace the chair? what do you do with the old one? do you send it to the local landfill site, or do you go ahead and get it repaired?.
  Rather than bin it why not recycle it, personally i would rather get it repaired, but why not have a brand new chair for a few pounds more.

Quality of power chair motors? how do they rate?

  Well to me im afraid they dont rate at all, they are now very poor, over the years the quality was very good i remember the Fracmo motors that were very reliable, 9 times out of 10 any motor problems just required a cleaning and maybe occasionally a new set of brushes, those were the good old days........ then it happened to cut cost the manufacturers went east, the far east to be exact, now, it seems everything is made there, it is only put together here, i dont know of any manufacturer who makes their own components (they may make their own chair frames).
Now to the motors, they are often rebranded as the manufacturers own, but they are produced in China by SHENZHEN UNITE INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD who produce the MCQ80 and in Taiwan by Liu Yih Electric Co., Ltd who produce the YJ-001 there are probably more but they just make clones of each others work and its hard to keep track of who is actually manufacturing the one on your chair.
The problems with them, ok here goes

Water - I think these motors let in that much water that they actually become tidal, recently they changed the top of the motors from metal to plastic and that seems to have helped a bit.

Corrosion - The water corrodes the aluminium so much that when the motor does dry out it is full of white "dust"

Grease - Not the film but the substance, never till recently have i ever seen grease in the motor!!, the stuff in the gearbox gets into the motor by looking into that, probably a worn seal or something else like that.
As you are probably aware i am not a fan of these motors, but when people are paying hand over fist for repairs then i have a problem with them. if you do have a problem check your warrenty as they are costly to replace.


Invacare and the breaking Bolts

  It seems that there were bolts in the Invacare range of powerchairs that keep breaking!!.the split rim wheel bolts fitted to most of their range are losing their heads, it seems that they have been penny pinching and fitting low grade bolts. The most i have seen is 3 in the one wheel but the possibility of all 5 breaking is quite feasible.
(This article is compiled through my own experience, having come acrross numerous broken bolts I must congratulate Invacare in the swiftness that they sent replacement bolts.)


Useful links? if you would like a link added that you think will be useful just send it to links updates, how come couldnaecare? Well it all stems from the early days when I first got involved with wheelchairs, when the world renowned Invacare were one of the companies I dealt with regularly and at the time this company was BAD, as they all were, how do you fancy having a fault, ordering the part, and being told it would take 6 weeks to arrive? they were that bad that instead of Invacare we used to call them Couldnaecare, because in our opinion they couldnt, now all thats kinda changed, Invacare are actually quite a good company to deal with......unless you know better?
While the name is historically from what we called Invacare in the early days, these days it is a gereralisation of the whole wheelchair industry, through years of experience i dont think that many, if any, actually do care, is a site about the whole wheelchair industry. under no circumstance is this site to be taken as, or been designed as being completely about Invacare.

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